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that I can remember
Just a minor fix for people using large magnification windows:

Version 2.03 - CURRENT VERSION -
(Release date: 9/6/04)
  • "Avoid mouse" modes didn't work well with a "Framed" mouse hotspot when the Fatbits window was large. It's better now.

Version 2.02 (Release date: 7/28/04)
  • Splash screen was too intrusive, it now dismisses itself after 15 seconds
  • Changed "Show mouse pointer" to show actual mouse pointer instead of lame rectangle
  • Added "Framed" to the selection of mouse hotspot locations
  • Now works with program debuggers on Windows XP and later (sorry, can't do anything about earlier versions of Windows)
  • Changed "Avoid mouse, return when possible" to move as far as possible instead of as little as possible
  • Fixed "Avoid mouse, return when possible" flickering bug when window was larger than half the screen

Version 2.00 (Release date: 7/13/04)
  • Changed help system to eliminate separate help file
  • Added accessibility functions and dialog
  • Added auto-relocated window option
  • Added flicker-free crosshatching option
  • Added hexadecimal pixel color status display option
  • Added adjustable mouse hotspot location
  • Renamed "frozen mode" to be called "snapshot mode"
  • Changed snapshot (frozen) mode so it doesn't become unfrozen when the window is obscured
  • Added locked mode
  • Modified position display to show the status of pixels in the Fatbits window when pointed to in snapshot or locked modes
  • Added hotkeys "s", "l", and "u" to switch between snapshot, locked, and normal modes
  • Added hotkey "o" to turn Fatbits on and off
  • Added support for the menu key and shift-F10
  • Added support for invoking the Fatbits menu on the taskbar
  • Made periodic refresh controllable in the options dialog
  • Made safe mode controllable in the options dialog
  • Made Fatbits redraw on keyboard and mouse clicks in addition to mouse movement
  • Improved color translation between screens of different pixel depths (yet again)
  • Fixed multiple instance bug (multiple instances are not allowed)

Version 1.15 (Release date: 10/15/01)
  • Added periodic refresh (via command line)
  • Added command line control of safe mode
  • Added magnifications 2x and 3x
  • Improved color translation between screens of different pixel depth

Version 1.11 (Release date: 3/30/00)
  • Added multi-monitor support
  • Used registry for settings instead of WIN.INI
  • Added safe mode (controlled from registry flag)

Version 1.04 (Release date: 2/11/97)
  • Ported from the 16-bit version