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Table of Contents

Menu Commands
- To bring up the Fatbits menu, right click the Fatbits window or the tray icon.
        Save Setup

Options - To bring up the Options dialog, click on the "Options..." menu command.
        Periodic Refresh
        Location of mouse hotspot
        Accessibility options in menu
        Display color values in hexadecimal
        Flicker-free crosshatching
        Safe mode
        Show splash screen on startup

Accessibility - To bring up the Accessibility Options dialog, click on the "Accessibility..." menu command. Note that this menu command will only be visible when the "Accessibility options in menu" option is checked in the Options dialog.
        Change colors
        Draw with low priority
        Smooth shapes and text
        Show mouse pointer

Using Fatbits
        Minimizing the Fatbits window
        Restoring the Fatbits window
        Temporarily disabling Fatbits
        The tray icon
        Fatbits and program debuggers

Snapshot and Locked Modes
        Momentary Snapshot Mode
        Entering Snapshot Mode
        Entering Locked Mode
        Exiting Snapshot or Locked Mode
        Saving Locked Mode
        Switching between modes
Which is the same as the built-in help