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and why you want it
Fatbits is a very fast, compact, easy to use and versatile FREEWARE (for non- commercial use) screen magnifier for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003.

Fatbits is one of those mind bogglingly useful utility programs for graphic artists or people designing user interfaces. It magnifies an area of the screen centered around the mouse pointer and paints the giant pixels into a small, tastefully decorated window. This can be indispensable when you want to see something right down to the last pixel.

Fatbits is also useful as an accessibility tool. It can perform text smoothing (click here for an example) and can modify the colors it displays to help those with color vision deficiency.

Some Fatbits features:
  • Works well with multiple monitors
  • Magnification up to 20x
  • Shows color and position information
  • Optional crosshatching (to make it easy to count pixels)
  • Advanced accessibility features
  • Full help system
  • Bigger than ever*
  • Optionally moves out of the way to view the entire screen
  • Can be locked to magnify one location for static viewing
  • Only one EXE-File, no DLLs
  • Draws with low priority to minimally impact the user
  • Written in good old C**
  • and many more

* All the big boys are suffering from code bloat, I didn't want to feel left out.

** None of that namby-pamby object oriented stuff for me. Heck, some of Fatbits is actually written in assembly language. Not that you should care, of course. In fact I remember seeing the largest software company in the world tout that the code in one of their libraries was "written in C++, which provides a solid foundation" as if it were a big deal. Give me a break. What they're really saying is "the next time we revise it, we won't introduce as may bugs as we might have otherwise". Now there's a feature they can be proud of.