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Enables or disables the Fatbits window. If Fatbits is turned off, it no longer magnifies. This can be useful if you don't want to minimize Fatbits, but you don't want it to magnify the area around the pointer.

Restores the Fatbits window to the size and position it had when it was minimized.

Minimizes Fatbits. When Fatbits is minimized, it shows up only as an icon in the tray.

Exits the Fatbits application.

This menu lets you to set the magnification of the Fatbits window. Each pixel will be copied into a box that is the size of the magnification factor.

This menu lets you choose the kind of grid Fatbits draws over its window. The options are:
  • None - no grid.
  • White - draws a white grid.
  • Black - draws a black grid.
  • Invert - inverts the color of the pixel on the grid line. If you choose Invert, you can always see the grid.

This menu lets you to see the numerical position of the mouse and the RGB value of the pixel under the mouse pointer. The pixel indicated (the mouse hotspot) is framed in the Fatbits window. The options are:
  • None - no position information is shown.
  • Absolute - shows the position relative to the upper left corner of the primary screen.
  • Relative - shows the position relative to a user defined point on the screen. To set the zero point, press the Ctrl key.
  • Client Area - shows the position relative to the upper left corner of the client area of the window under the pointer.

If this menu item is checked, Fatbits will always move itself above other windows.

Brings up the Options dialog. The following options can be set:
        Periodic Refresh
        Location of mouse hotspot
        Accessibility options in menu
        Display color values in hexadecimal
        Flicker-free crosshatching
        Safe mode
        Show splash screen on startup

Brings up the Accessibility options dialog. Although Fatbits was not designed as an accessibility tool, many people have been using it as one, so some rudimentary accessibility features have been included. The following options can be set:
        Change colors
        Draw with low priority
        Smooth shapes and text
        Show mouse pointer

Save Setup
This menu command saves the current setup in the registry: size and location of the window, magnification, crosshatch, position, floating status, and if Fatbits is in Locked Mode.

Brings up the built-in help system.
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